March 16, 2019

Easter at the Dollar Tree

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Easter is just around the corner, and the Dollar Tree is the perfect places to get everything you need to create fun-filled Easter baskets, dinnerware for the perfect Easter table, supplies for Easter crafts, and adorable Easter decor for you home. I have two young children, and the Dollar Tree is the perfect place to find everything needed to fill up Easter baskets at an affordable price.  The Dollar Tree has an amazing variety of Easter baskets for both boys and girls.

I really like the Sports-Themed Easter Pails. As a Seahawks fan, I think it would be cool to get the football pail, and fill it with blue and green items since those are the Seahawks colors. I also love the Round Woven Easter Baskets, and I think my daughter would want either the the pink or purple basket.

Here are a few more of the adorable Easter baskets available at the Dollar Tree.

Every Easter basket needs grass, and Dollar Tree definitely had a variety of fun colors of grass. I really like the multi-colored grasses.

Of course every Easter Basket needs fun, colorful Easter eggs, and Dollar Tree has a variety of fun eggs waiting to be filled with yummy candy treats. I have the cute pink rabbit, yellow duck, and orange carrot eggs.

Dollar Tree also has the best Easter candy ever like cotton candy, pastel colored M&Ms, Peeps, Nerds, Sweet Tarts, Now and Later Jelly Beans, Snickers minis, Haribo Happy Hoppers, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Sweet Tarts Jelly Beans, and so much more! 

An Easter basket isn't complete without fun basket stuffers, and of course, Dollar Tree has a variety of fun things for every Easter basket. My daughter loves fun stickers, and both my children are obsessed with bubbles and cool sunglasses, so these options are perfect for my children's Easter baskets.

And an Easter basket isn't complete without a bunny whether it's a chocolate bunny or a stuffed bunny. Dollar Tree has a variety of cuddly plushes perfect for you kiddo's Easter basket.

Dollar Tree has everything you need to create fabulous Easter baskets for the amazing kids in your life. Visit the Dollar Tree website to buy your Easter supplies now!

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