Jan 12, 2019

Coral Wavy Texture Baby Blanket

My aunt recently became a grandmother for the first time, and I decided to make a blanket for her granddaughter (my baby cousin). When I heard that there was going t be a new addition to the family, I picked up some Bernat Mix Baby during a trip to the craft store. I had been eyeballing the yarn for a while, but didn't know of anyone having a baby, so I was so happy when I actually had a reason to buy this yarn! I wanted to give it a try sooooo bad!

To create this blanket, I used a size J/6mm crochet hook and followed the Crochet Wavy Texture Baby Blanket by the Crochet Crowd.

I chose the Bernat Mix Baby yarn in the color Coral. It has blue and pink yarns in 4 different textures. I think this yarn looks awesome in my new unicorn yarn bowl!

This pattern is so fun, and it reminds me of the Undulating Waves Blanket pattern.

Once I finished the blanket, I used the Bernat Pipsqueak yarn for the border. 

I enjoyed making this blanket, and I'm currently making another one using the same yarn, but in the color Putty.


  1. This is beautiful and I would love to make one for a friend having a baby. Thank you for sharing. Have a great weekend, Kippi #kippiathome

    1. Thank you! I definitely recommend this pattern. It's fun and pretty easy, especially once you get it memorized.