December 3, 2018

Crochet Reindeer Scarf

Last year I made a Crochet Reindeer Christmas Scarf that was based on Snappy Tot's Santa's Reindeer Sampler Scarf Pattern, which is available on Ravelry. For this scarf, I winged it and made some changes. Originally, I did the middle section of the scarf totally different from the Snappy Tots design. Later on, I decided to crochet the Christmas lights for the middle of the scarf like the original Snappy Tots design.

For this scarf, I used both Caron Simply Soft and Red Heart Soft yarns. The Caron Simply Soft colors I used are: Harvest Red, Chocolate, Cobalt Blue, Limelight, and White. And the Red Heart Soft colors: WheatToast, and Honey.

For the reindeer faces, I crocheted the ears, eyes, nose, and antler, and sewed them on using my handy dandy yarn needle. For Rudolph's nose, I used a sparkly pom pom.

While I crocheted the whites of the eyes, the noses, the ears, and the antlers, I stitched on the smiles and green wire of the Christmas lights with my yarn needle. I used tiny black mini pom poms for the black part of their eyes.

This guy is my second favorite. (Rudolph is my fave, of course!) I used red and white mini pom poms on the reindeer to represent Christmas lights.

This guy is so cold... He's wearing a blue scarf and a Santa hat.

This reindeer had his tongue out, and he reminds me of Scooby Doo!

And this little reindeer has holly and a berry stuck between his ears!

And these four reindeer dudes are kinda normal...🎄

Originally, for the middle portion of the scarf, I used a yarn that had been in my stash for many, many, many years, (Red Heart Baby Econo Yarn in White Pompadour) and crocheted a section that was about 25 inches long. Then I used my yarn needle and Kelly Green Caron Simply Soft yarn to create a line that represents the green wire of Christmas lights. I was going to crochet some lights in different colors, but decided to add red and green sparkly pom poms instead. After having the scarf for a year, I decided to remove this section and actually crochet the Christmas lights. 

I completely removed the old white section of the scarf and crocheted a new one with Caron Simply Soft White. I made a new green line for the Christmas lights with Caron Simply Soft Dark Sage.

Then I crocheted the Christmas lights using Caron Simply Soft in Kelly Green, Sunshine, Cobalt, Persimmon, Limelight, and Harvest Red.

I used a yarn needle to stitch the colorful lights onto the scarf.

Here's the completed scarf! This scarf is about 84 inches long!

I am so glad I decided to add the Christmas lights to the scarf like the original design. This scarf recently sold on Etsy, but I plan to make another one day.

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  1. This scarf was one of my featured favorites today from the Holiday link up.