March 24, 2017

Seahawks [Inspired] Hooded Scarves

Living in Washington has turned me into a Seahawks fan, and I like to show my 12th Man(Woman) Pride by crocheting projects in Seahawks colors. One of my favorite things to create are hooded scarves a.k.a. scoodies. So I've made a few scoodies in Seahawks colors. The one pictured above is my favorite, and I was a little sad when it sold at a craft fair in the fall. I can always make another for myself... I will eventually... soon!
The first hooded scarf I made in Seahawks colors, I made for myself. And I enjoy wearing when I'm out and about. And there are so many Seahawks fans, and you see sooooo many people wearing Seahawks apparel. It's awesome!

And my most recent Seahawks inspired hooded scarf was made using a pattern from the book Hooded Scarves to Crochet.  I love the pattern the stitches created for this scarf. And I decided to embellish it with fun fur and football buttons. With this pattern, loopy fringe is created at the bottom of the scarf. How fun! 

All three of these scarves feature a furry pom pom and fur lining the hood around the face opening. I really enjoyed creating these scarves, and I definitely plan on making more. I'm even considering making a hooded scarf in Carolina Panthers colors (my mom is a Panthers fan), which are a pretty shade of blue and black. So stay tuned to see what I make next!

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