December 10, 2016

Gingerbread Stocking #1

I've been super busy crocheting Christmas stocking for my family. To make my stockings, I used Red Heart's free pattern for Gingerbread Stockings. Since we have a Seahawks themed Christmas Tree and Seahawks inspired Christmas Tree Skirt, I crocheted the stockings with Red Heart yarns in Seahawk colors. The yarns I used for this stocking are Red Heart Super Saver in Blue Suede, Glowworm, and Silver. For the gingerbread man, I used Red Heart Soft in Toast. This stocking is for my son. 😁

Since the body of the stocking is blue, I did the ribbing in silver and green. The stocking hanger is silver as well.

With this pattern, the stocking is made starting with the top ribbing and worked down. It's a pretty easy pattern to follow.

When I made the stockings, I made the gingerbread people a pair at a time. I gave this gingerbread guy a green heart, and the gingerbread lady is wearing a silver dress with a blue heart.

After completing the body of the stocking, you sew on the gingerbread boy/girl.

Ta-Da! This stocking is ready to be stuffed with fun gifts!

Here are our family's stockings!