October 24, 2016

Bride of Frankenstein Hat (& Happy Halloween Link Party!)

My Crafty Bloggy Friends and I are to hosting a Happy Halloween Link Party and sharing our Halloween creations. Today, I'm sharing a Crochet Bride of Frankenstein Hat that I made for my daughter. I love earflap hats, so of course, this hat is an earflap hat with long ties. For this hat, I used Caron Simply Soft pistachio, white, black, gray heather, and lavender blue.
I made the body of this Bride of Frankenstein hat without using a pattern. Whenever making a basic hat, I use this Size Chart to get my sizing right.  After making the hat, I crocheted the eyes, the purple bow, and the neck bolts.

For the eyes:
magic ring with black yarn  
round 1: 8 dc into the ring and join (black)
round 2: with white yarn, 2 dc into each dc around and join (stop here for the smaller eye)
round 3: with white, 2 dc into each dc and join
*leave a tail of yarn for sewing onto the hat.

For the bow: 
chain 18
row 1: hdc in the 3rd chain from the hook
row 2: hdc across and turn 
rows 3-5: repeat row 2
sc around and join
Then wrap yarn around the center of the rectangle to create the bow shape.

For the bolts:
magic ring with gray yarn
round 1: 6 dc into the ring and join
round 2: 1 dc in each dc and join
round 3: repeat round 2
*leave a tail for sewing onto the hat

After, creating each part, I sewed them onto the hat using a yarn needle. For the hair, I used a pom pom maker to make a bunch of black and white pom poms, and I tied them onto the black part of the hat. I used a yarn needle and black yarn to sew a Frankenstein scar onto the hat. Lastly, I added ties to the hat. I cut 12 (4 of each in gray, black, and purple) strips of yarn double the length of the desired length for  the ties. I folded the strands in half and attached them through the bottom end of the ear flap. I divided the strands into thirds, and then braided them tightly together. I tied them in an overhand knot at the end of the braid, and then I repeated this for the other ear flap.

the scar & a bolt...

 the lavender bow...

the gray, black, and lavender braided ties...

That's it for my Bride of Frankenstein hat! Now it's time to check out the Halloween creations my bloggy friends have created and link up a few of your own below!

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  1. Monroe this is so adorable. Nothing spooky or scary about it. And your daughter looks absolutly precious wearing it.

  2. Monore this is so so cute. And even if it is the bride of frankensteins hat, it can not be anything but adorable on your daughter's head.

  3. How adorable! You create cutest crocheted pieces for your children! I love the colors you used for your Bride of Frankenstein hat.

  4. Your creativity is shining through with this awesome Bride of Frankenstein hat! I know you love, love, love making these adorable crochet items for your daughter! She must be the envy of all the kids at school!

  5. This is so awesome! I'd wear it myself, never mind my daughter :D