August 17, 2016

Mademoiselle Reversible Pinafore & Diaper Covers

At the end of this month, my daughter (my oldest kiddo) will turn five. I cannot believe it! The years are flying by so fast. And next month, she will go off to kindergarten. So as a countdown to my daughter's birthday, I will share posts featuring items I've sewn for her over the years all month long. Today, I'm sharing a reversible pinafore dress and matching diaper covers I made for her when she was a baby.
I  had been admiring pinafore dresses for a while, and I finally made one for my daughter.  It turned out well, but it' was just a little big on her. That just left room for her to grow into it. I found a pattern and tutorial for the pinafore dress at Smashed Peas and Carrots, and finally became comfortable enough with my sewing machine to give it a try.  I made this pinafore reversible and used my favorite fabrics.  I love the Mademoiselle fabric.  I buy it just about every time I go into the local fabric store. I've used it to revamp a funky old lampshade, and I've made a couple of pillows with the fabric.  Hmmm... What should I make next with this fabric? Anyhoo, I used ladybug buttons on the Mademoiselle side of the pinafore.  The other side of the dress has 3 different fabrics that I bought together in a bundle.  They're glittery, and I originally planned to use them to make a bag or pillow, but the glittery fabric looked so cute on my little diva. For the diaper covers, I found the pattern and tutorial at Made.  The tutorial features great pictures that make it really easy for you to understand exactly what you're supposed to be doing.  This tutorial is great for beginners.

Here's the front of the Mademoiselle side of the pinafore dress. This is still one of my favorite fabrics! I just love these ladies and the colors.

Here's a close up of one of the ladybug buttons. The fabric store owner where I purchased this fabric called it The Ladies in Red, so that's why I decided to use ladybug buttons. However, I later found out that the fabric is actually called Mademoiselle. I have about a yard of the pink version of this fabric in my fabric stash. I need to put it to use!

Here's the back of the Mademoiselle side of the pinafore.

the front and back of the Mademoiselle diaper cover... I love that the ladies have red and black hair. Those are my two favorite hair colors. I often wear dark red and black hair myself.

Here's the front of the floral side of the pinafore and the front of the diaper cover.

Here's the back of the floral side of the pinafore and the back of the diaper cover.

I really love this Mademoiselle fabric.

When the weather is warm, she wore her pinafore with her white sandals. But when it's cold, she wore a long sleeved shirt and leggings under her pinafore.


  1. Love your fabric choices, and your sweet little model is absolutely adorable!