August 15, 2016

Because Every Dress Needs Matching Bloomers (Patchwork Diaper Cover)

At the end of this month, my oldest child, my daughter will turn five. These years have flown by so fast. And next month, she will start kindergarten. I am still mentally preparing myself for that... So as a countdown to my daughter's birthday, I will share posts featuring items I've sewn for her over the years all month long. Today, I'm sharing a diaper cover I made for her to go with a pretty dress I bought her.

Bloomers...  I enjoy referring to my diaper covers as bloomers. Why?  Because bloomers is a funny sounding, old-fashioned word!  Anyway, my daughter and I ventured off to a Ross store in Jacksonville where I found an adorable pink, blue, and green dress. She had worn it a couple times when I realized that she needed a matching diaper cover.  She'd lift the dress up or crawl around, and I'd see her ugly diaper.  Ugh!  So, I searched through her old clothes and found a couple green onesies, a couple pink onesies, and a blue tunic with white flowers.  Although the onesies were way too small for her (size newborn & 3 months), the blue tunic was her size, but there was a bad stain on it, and the matching pants were really faded, so it was sacrificed for the sake of the bloomers. So here are some pics from my pink, green, and blue bloomers sewing adventure:

the sacrificed clothes

I cut the clothes into squares.

sewing the squares together...

front & back before being cut into the shape of the pattern pieces.

I used a pattern by Made.

the front and back after being cut into the diaper cover pattern shape

I pinned the front and back pieces together with right sides together.

I sewed the pieces together and left an opening for the elastic.

all sewn up and elastic inside

This diaper cover fit my daughter perfectly!

I think they're a close to perfect match!

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