July 2, 2016

Patriotic Craft Stick Magnets

Yesterday, my daughter and I did a little crafting together. We created something patriotic with wooden popsicle sticks and shapes. She arranged everything how she wanted it, and I glued it together for her. Later on, I decided to glue a magnet on the back of her creations and stick them on the fridge.

We made some patriotic magnets last year using craft sticks, but like a lot of things, they have mysteriously disappeared, so we made a few new ones. And we still had quite a few red and blue sticks and shapes left.
These are the magnets my daughter made. She called them her flags. I was trying to stick with the red, white, and blue theme, but she decided she wanted to craft with the yellow and green sticks also. She made a couple "flowers."

After my daughter made her flowers, I made a flower, too... a patriotic flower! I lined up the other patriotic magnets under it like they're a flower pot. I made the magnet at the bottom. The one with all the stars was made last year. I think my daughter made it, and she made the one directly beneath my flower.

Now that my daughter is almost 5 years old and a preschool graduate, I can definitely see the improvement in her crafting skills. I think I have a mini crafter in the house! Yay! I just don't trust her to handle the glue gun yet! I mean, even I burned myself a couple times yesterday.


  1. Thanks so much for stopping by!! Have a great 4th!!

  2. ooohhhh i wanna play too!! I am so picking up some of these sticks to create with! I bet it is pretty relaxing just arranging in different shapes! Your daughter is so cute too :)

  3. Such a cute and easy crafting project. Thanks so much for sharing with us at the Summer Time Fun Linky. Pinned.