July 24, 2016

Because My Curtains Were Too Long...

Not too long ago, I ordered some curtain panels online that I loved sooooo much I have them in my bedroom and the living room/playroom. I also bought the matching quilted bedding... I just love the colorful Mudhut Makayla Curtains fabric! Anyhoo, the curtains were only available in one size: 55 x 84 inches. In our current home, we have baseboard heaters, which I hate, and I do not want to take a chance with having furniture or curtains too close to the heaters. I don't want any fire hazards in our home. So since the curtains were 84 inches long, I cut them a little. At first, I tried to hem them using velcro because I didn't want to cut them, but that made them poofy at the bottom, so I just wacked them.

Here are the Mudhut Makayla Curtains and bedding in my bedroom. I still have some fabric left over from cutting the curtains, and I thought about using it to make pillows, but since the pattern is so busy, I was thinking that I should make pillows using solid colored fabrics/yarn.

So what did I do with the leftover fabric?
I used it to make a valance to go over our patio doors.

I used a lot of the fabric to reupholster this Entryway Bench I found at Goodwill, and I used some for the Bolster Pillow I also found at Goodwill.

I only have a tiny bit of the fabric left, so I may use it to make something small like a mug rug. I think it's so pretty! I love all the colors! 

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