June 29, 2016

Stars & Stripes Scarf

Since Independence Day is next week, I decided to make a scarf using bandanas featuring red and blue stripes with white stars. I considered making each crochet portion of the scarf a different color (red, white, and blue), but I decided against that and only used white yarn.  I think the white yarn makes the scarf pop!  I know the patriotic holidays (Memorial Day & 4th of July) occur during the hot, summer months, BUT in some areas (like Washington state), the summers aren't that hot, and a scarf might come in handy while watching the fireworks on a cool summer evening.
For the fabric portion of this scarf, I used three patriotic bandanas made from 100% cotton. For the crochet part, I used white acrylic yarn.


  1. How pretty! I love the combination of fabric and yarn.

  2. pretty! and you know, you could wear it year round! or cooler months - would look great with biz attire or casual. Nice!!

    1. Thanks! I could wear it now. The temperatures have been in the 60s lately. I prefer that over 90+ degrees.