June 24, 2016

Feathery Patriotic Wreath

I really like this wreath, but the feathers were/are a pain to deal with. When I first started working on this wreath, I made the mistake of working on it inside.  There were feathers EVERYWHERE! Feathers danced across the floor...  Feathers affixed themselves to my daughters clothes...  Feathers sat next to me on the couch...  They were everywhere!  Eventually, I became fed up with the feathers here and there and everywhere, so I stored the wreath in a plastic container.  So when I pulled it out and to finish it, I worked on it outside on my balcony.  Now any stray feathers are blowing in the wind...

I found some patriotic ribbon in my craft supplies stash, so I figured it would be perfect for this wreath. I also remembered that I have a bunch of star button, so I dug through the and found some red, white, and blue star buttons.
Here I attempted to create a red and white striped look.

I think these blue feathers are so pretty. I added white star buttons to the blue feathers.

Sadly, this wreath is in my craft room. I should hang it up on our front door or another door, but then I'd have feathers all over the house! 


  1. Turned out really pretty. I love those blue feathers too! #overthemoon

  2. Anonymous7/07/2016

    What a cute feather wreath!! I really like the ribbon and star embellishments.

  3. how fun and how tickly! this would be so cool to make!

    1. It was fun to make, except for the feathers being EVERYWHERE!!! lol

  4. That is very pretty but I can see how feathers would get everywhere real quick. Thanks so much for sharing with us at the Summer Time Fun Linky. Pinned.