May 7, 2016

Burlap Christmas Mug Rugs

I enjoy making handmade gifts, especially for Christmas. But I usually every December I find myself scrambling to hurry up and finish handmade Christmas gifts for friends and family. So this year, I'm starting early! As an avid coffee drinker, I like having cute mug rugs for my coffee mugs to rest on. I've made a few mug rugs. Some I keep, and some I gift to my mother who is also an avid coffee (and tea) drinker. 

For this project, I used red, green, and tan burlap. 

These are the Christmas fabrics I used. The blue fabric in the middle is my favorite.

I cut out some trees to use as templates for my fabric trees.

For the background, I cut a tan burlap rectangle sized 8½ x 6½ inches. I freehand drew and cut a hill. I pinned the hill and trees to the tan burlap.

I used the zigzag stitch for the hill, and a regular straight stitch for the trees.

I cut the batting to the size of the front of the mug rug.

I chose my favorite Christmas fabric to use for the back and border of the mug rug. I cut a piece measuring 11 x 9 inches. I folded the fabric over the front of the mug rug to create a neat border. I did mitered corners. Sometimes, I prefer to use clips over pins.

Ta-da! All sewn up!

I made one mug rug with a green hill and the other with a red hill. 

I used my favorite Christmas fabric for the back of the mug rugs.

my new mug rugs and my favorite Christmas mugs

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    1. these burlap mug rugs look great! Love the red one I think best. Such a cool idea! Thanks for sharing ;)

      1. Thanks! Green is my favorite color, but I agree... I love the red mug rug just a little more. :-)

    2. These are cute - and look so easy!! I'd love it if you shared this on the Pleasures of the NWs DIY party!!

      1. Thank you! I'll check out the party soon!