Feb 14, 2018

Folding Heart Envelope Mug Rug

I recently stumbled upon Ella and Nesta's Little Room's Folding Envelope Heart Mug Rug Tutorial, and I loved it! I love that it's a heart-shaped mug rug, and I really love how it folds into an envelope! So cool and nifty! So I knew I had to make one of my own.

For this heart shaped mug rug, I used a couple Valentine's Day fabrics. One fabric features hearts and a crossword puzzle with Valentine's Day themed words like cupid, kisses, valentine, candy, xoxo, roses, hugs, hearts, and more. The other fabric is black with pink and red sparkly hearts. I used the crossword puzzle fabric as my main fabric and the black hearts fabric for the top flap of the envelope.

I followed the tutorial at Ella and Nesta's Little Room and printed out the heart template from A Sunday Morning With... 

I used the template to cut out two hearts in the fabric and one in my batting. I stitched them together with the fabrics right sides together. I left an opening to turn the mug rug inside out. (I forgot to get a picture to show this, but you attach your contrasting fabric that will be the envelope flap to one of the hearts before sewing the three layers together). 

I turned the heart using the opening, and then I top stitched around the heart. I also stitched lines on the heart following the guide on the template. These lines will help the heart fold easier. I added a button to the top of the heart and one on the envelope flap (bottom of the heart). The button at the top of the heart has a small piece of elastic attached. 

the heart folded into an envelope

I wish I made my mug rug a little bigger, but it's big enough to hold a tea bag.

This is my new mug rug with one of my favorite mugs. I love hearts and arrows. This mug is perfect for Valentine's Day, and it goes perfectly with my heart envelope mug rug.

It's coffee time!

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    1. That's so cute how it folds up with a tea bag inside! :) Lisa

    2. I had to pin this! How freaking adorable!

      Found your blog via #FridayFrivolity & glad I did.

    3. So cute!! Awesome job!! #fridayfrivolity