Hello! I'm T'onna. I'm a wife, mom of 2, and a former teacher. I enjoy crocheting, sewing, painting furniture, and other crafts. I've been crocheting for 15 years, and sewing for 5 years. 

When I was a teenager, my father taught me how to refinish furniture. At the time, I did not appreciate that skill. I mean, I was a girly girl, and those chemicals smelled bad and messed up my manicure! I even remember telling my dad, "I'm never going to refinish furniture when I'm on my own." Boy was I wrong! I enjoy finding antiques... Sturdy furniture that is going to last and survive a couple moves and children. I enjoy being able to take a piece and give it new life, but I'm no expert!

Speaking of being an expert, I'm not, like I said above. This blog is like an online crafting journal that I'm sharing with the world. I find so much inspiration from other crafters, and I hope that I can also inspire you to create, too. Creativity is Intelligence having fun. Do something Creative everyday.