Oct 13, 2016

Dollar Tree Christmas Wreaths

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One of my favorite places to buy craft supplies is the Dollar Tree. I mean, you can't beat the price ($1!), and there's so much awesome stuff in there. I've even found a few skeins Red Heart Boutique Sashay yarn at the Dollar Tree for just one dollar! Anyhoo, I love buying Christmas ornaments and decor from the Dollar Tree. After seeing so many gorgeous Christmas ornament wreaths, I decided to make one of my own.  Although I had extra ornaments around the house, they were dull and boring, and I've been putting them in baskets and planters as holiday decor.  So I made several trips to the Dollar Tree to purchase Christmas ornaments and other Christmasy things.  I decided to use red, green, and gold ornaments... some are shiny... some are matte... some are glittery... and there are a couple that look like disco balls! Anyhoo, here are some pics from my wreath making adventure:

To make my ornament wreath, I bought bunch of red, green, and gold ornaments. My favorites are the glitter silver and gold ornaments and the red and white striped ornaments. I also bought a bunch of other Christmas things like stickers and other ornaments.

So many pretty ornaments...

A lot of crafters use a wire hanger to make an ornament wreath, but I do not allow wire hangers in my house (yes, I am like Joan Crawford about wire hangers...lol), so I bought this floral wire to string the ornaments on.

To really hold the ornaments in place, I after sliding the ornaments onto the floral wire and forming then in a circular shape, I used hot glue to hold the ornaments together and in place.

hanging up... Sorry this is a blurry pic!
I also made another wreath with supplies from the Dollar Tree. I used a silver and gold tinsel wreath form, gold ornaments, a pine floral clip, and silver bells.
I thought this wreath was so cute on my little deer head, so I left it up all year, It's still up in my living room right now!

Here are just a few of my favorite cute Christmasy things you can find at the Dollar Tree:

Happy Shopping!! 

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