Apr 30, 2016

Colorful Driftwood Wreath

Since spring has sprung, I've been spring cleaning, redecorating, and decluttering. In fact, this weekend I will have my first ever yard sale! I'm nervous. I hope people show up and buy everything! I cleared out both my kiddos' closets, so 99% of what I'm selling is baby clothes, toddler clothes, and baby gear. Since I've been busy with the house, I feel like I haven't been crafting as much as I'd like, but I was able to sneak in a quick project tonight around midnight.... So since I've been decluttering and redecorating, I decided to give our master bathroom a more colorful look that's perfect for spring.
I stumbled upon a cute shower curtain and rugs while shopping, and I just had to buy them. I love these colors! I bought two rugs; the other is in front of the sink.

Previously, our bathroom had a nautical theme. The color scheme was dark blue, tan, white, and light blue. I had shells and sailboats in there. Well, I have a driftwood wreath that I absolutely love and didn't want to take out of my bathroom because it no longer goes with my bathroom theme. So I decided to add some color to it to make it match my shower curtain and other new bathroom decor.
I did not make this driftwood wreath. I bought it from a store.

To add color to the wreath, I decided to paint some shells red, blue, green, and orange. I glued the shells onto the driftwood wreath.

Here's the updated wreath on my bathroom wall. Sometimes it's fun to take something store-bought and add your own touch to personalize it and make it unique!

 I have some other wall decor I plan to create and add to my bathroom, so I'm not one decorating yet!

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