Jan 27, 2018

Valentine's Day Mini Tree Skirt

I think having a Christmas tree up all year and decorating for different holidays is such a fun idea, so I'm giving it a try! After Christmas, I decided to keep the small Christmas tree up on the buffet in our dining room, so now I've got it decorated for Valentine's Day. And that meant, it needed a new tree skirt to match the Valentine's Day theme, so I crocheted one.
First, I crocheted nine pentagons in hot pink, light pink, and red.

These are the pentagons after I weaved and trimmed off the tails.

Then I crocheted around each one in white and joined the with a whip stitch.

Then I decided to crochet the middle with red, and I added a button.The button is just for looks.

the button

I added zig zaggy rounds in hot pink, light pink, and red. Then I crocheted hearts to add to the points on the skirt.

All Done!

The tree is all "dressed" and ready for Valentine's Day with it's red and pink ornaments and crochet skirt. I put my mitten ornaments on the tree in pairs like people holding hands.

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