Nov 11, 2017

Blurb's New Layflat Photo Books

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Blurb is excited to announce the launch of Layflat! Turn any photo book into a Layflat showcase with a gorgeous collection of seamless spreads. Now you can go corner to corner and edge to edge across an entire two-page spread without losing any part of the image to the center. You get total creative control when you make a Layflat paper photo book with Blurb's suite of free creative tools or Adobe InDesign. With this remarkable value, you can get that show-stopping look while striking the best balance between cost and a high-end feel.

There are so many types of books you can make with Blurb's Layflat Photo Book. What will yours be? Will it be a travel book? With a Layflat book, your landscape and panoramic photos can take you back to those breathtaking vistas as they stretch across two full pages. Blurb's Layflat photo books feature true panorama as the pages span the width of the book without a binding break between the pages because the best photography deserves unbroken spread. Getting married soon? Group shots wide-angel ceremony shots, and emotional moments make a grand impact as they fill the width of the whole spread. Or do you need a portfolio to showcase your work? A full spread creates space to place text next to horizontal images for new, striking layouts that tell the whole story of your best work. No matter the theme of your Layflat book, you'll have plenty of pages for all your fantastic photos. Blurb layflat has more room for pages than you'll find elsewhere with up to 110 pages! So what are you waiting for!? Turn any photo book into a layflat showcase with a gorgeous collection of seamless spreads at Blurb!

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