Oct 7, 2017

Pencil Crochet Hooks

My daughter recently started 1st grade, and that inspired me to create a few back to school pencil projects. I made four pencil crochet hooks, a couple crochet pencil scarves, and a crochet pencil pillow. I shared these items on my Instagram account [@SewCraftyCrochet], and now I'm finally getting around to sharing them here on the blog.

I used Sculpey polymer clay in Yellow, Princess Pearl, Silver, and Graphite Pearl to create these pencil crochet hooks. I also used a small amount of white clay and blue, pink, tan, and black craft paint. The hooks I used are Boye hooks in sizes G, H, and I.

I rolled out the shape for this clay hook. I decided to make it shaped like a real pencil. I applied Sculpey Bake and Bond to the hook to ensure that the clay will stay. I carved a zigzag line into the yellow clay where I would paint it to look like the bare pencil wood and graphite tip.

The ergonomic crochet hook shape can sometimes be a little more challenging.

After I sculpted the clay into the shape that I wanted, I then added embellishments like dots, lines, and hearts.

I also stamped the size of the hook into the top of the eraser.

Then I baked the hooks according to the instructions on the clay's packaging.

After the clay has baked and cooled, then it's time to paint and glaze. I painted the heart to look like notebook paper, and I painted on the wood and graphite portions of the pencils. After the paint dried,  I coated the hooks with  Satin Sculpey Glaze. I allowed the hooks to dry overnight before using them.

I originally intended to add these hooks to my Etsy shop, but I'm still a beginner with the polymer clay, and these hooks have a few flaws, so I'm just gonna keep them! They crochet perfectly fine...

I was working on a crochet pencil pillow when I got the idea to make pencil crochet hooks.

Then I made a couple pencil scarves...


I even used the hooks to work on my Temperature Blanket (2016). I actually finished all the rows, and I just need to add a border... eventually!

Thank for reading! Stop by again soon to see what I create next! And also follow me on Instagram (@SewCraftyCrochet) to see what I'm working on daily!

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