Jun 17, 2017

Father's Day Fedora Wreath

One year for Father's Day, I created a "wreath" using a fedora and ties purchased from the Dollar Tree. Originally, I planned to make a wreath using ties to hang on our front door for Father's Day.  So I went to the Dollar Tree in search of some ties, and I found them, but I also found a fedora.  My husband loves fedoras.  He has one, and he calls it his old man hat. So I decided to use the ties to make flowers to decorate the hat, and to hang the hat on the door like a wreath. 

ties from the Dollar Tree... 

 I had to search Pinterest to figure out how to tie a tie...

To make the flowers, I cut the large end off the tie. I will use the large portion that I cut off later to make "leaves."
I tied a knot in the end that I cut.

I folded the rest of the tie in half  and glued the sides together.

I held the end with the knot and twists and wrapped the rest of the tie around the knot and glued it in place.

rosette in progress...

The rosette is done, but now it needs a leaf...

 Remember the end of the tie that I cut off???

 I folded the side that I cut to make a pointy shape like the other end of the tie and glued it.

 Then I folded the piece in half and glued.

 fold & glue
I glued the rosette onto the "leaves."

  light blue rosette

black and gray rosette

dark blue rosette

I glued the rosettes around the brim of the hat. I also attached a strip of denim to the top of the hat to hang it from. I also glued a glitter mustache to the bottom of the tie hanging from the hat. My husband really liked the mustache.  It made him laugh.

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