Apr 15, 2017

Crochet Carrot Cupcake Scarf

What's the best thing to do with carrots? Make carrot cake/cupcakes! The carrot is one of my favorite veggies. I love snacking on raw baby carrots. I enjoy making (and eating) sweet baby carrots as a side dish. I love carrots in my salad. I also love carrot juice! I just love carrots!

I recently crocheted a few carrot scarves, and one evening while working on a carrot scarf, I had a delicious piece of carrot cake, so I decided to make a carrot cupcake scarf. 

To created this scarf, I used Big Twist yarn in Pumpkin and Lime. For the cream cheese icing I used Butter Cream Luxe Craft Angel Hair yarn in White.

While making the carrot scarves, I decided to make a carrot crochet hook.

Of course, I used my carrot crochet hook to make my carrot cupcakes!

After I crocheted the cupcakes and stitched them together, I crocheted baby carrots to top the cupcakes like cherries.

 After sewing on the baby carrots, I added brown mini pom-poms to represent pecans or walnuts.

It's still cool enough to wear scarves here in the Pacific Northwest, so this scarf would be great to wear on Easter!

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    1. Love your scarf. All of yur crocheted items are adorable.