Nov 22, 2016

Fall Owl Pillows

Recently, I made a Halloween Owl Pillow for my daughter, and my neighbor stopped by one day to sell us some donuts and coffee for her daughter's cheerleading fundraiser. When she saw the Halloween owl pillow I made for my daughter, she wanted one. She also saw a bundle of leafy fabric that I had left over from a few other projects. She asked if I'd make her an owl pillow using that leafy fabric, so I did. I also made an owl pillow using scarecrow and orange plaid fabric I stumbled upon during a trip to Jo-Ann fabric store. Lately, I've been buying a bunch of fabric quarters and bundles. Anyhoooo... Here are a few pictures I took while creating my fall owl pillows:

I sent my husband to the store to get some rick rack to match my fabric... 

I found an owl pillow sewing pattern on Pinterest, which I use for the owl's body and wings.

I trace around round needle cases and thread spools for the eyes. And I cut out a triangle for the beak.

I used the zigzag stitch to sew on the eyes and beak. I also used a zigzag stitch when sewing on the wings, but I also sew on a piece of rick rack to make the wings a little more interesting. I used green rick rack for all three owls. 😁

With right sides together, I stitched around the edges leaving a one inch opening for stuffing. 

front and back of the unstuffed Fall Leaves Owl Pillow.... I used this same fabric while making a Fall Leave Robe for my daughter.

Fall Leaves Owl Pillow... I really love the colors of the leaves on this leafy fabric.

Thanksgiving Owl Pillow... I think this Thanksgiving fabric is so cute! Gobble Gobble!

Scarecrow Owl Pillow... This one is my favorite of the these three fall pillows. I think this scarecrow fabric is so fun! And I really like it paired with the orange plaid fabric.

I had a ton of fun making these owl pillows, and I'm planning on making a bunch more. I've already made a Valentine's Day Owl Pillow, a Denim Owl Pillow (my favorite!), and a  gray owl pillow that was a baby shower gift for a friend. So if you like these owl pillows, visit again soon to see the Christmas Owl Pillows I'll be writing about soon. These owl pillows are quick, easy, and fun to make, and they make wonderful gifts, especially for children. I've given a couple to my niece and nephew and my own kiddos, too.

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