Aug 20, 2016

Handkerchief Hem Bandana Tops

In less than a week, my oldest child, my daughter will turn five. I cannot believe it! The years are flying by so fast. And next month, she will start kindergarten. So as a countdown to my daughter's birthday, I will share posts featuring items I've sewn for her over the years all month long. Today i'm sharing two tops I made for my daughter when she was about a year old. After finding the tutorial for the handkerchief hem bandana top or skirt on Pocketful of Dreams,  And decided to give it a try... Twice!
I made one using gray bandanas. I love cheetah/leopard print and camo. The gray camo bandana has pink butterflies, so for the straps I used butterfly ribbon. I also added pink star buttons.

 This orange, yellow, and red bandana top reminds me of fire. I love it ! 

I added orange and yellow buttons. I made the straps using another bandana.

These little tops are really quick and easy to make. They're also very fun since you can find so many bandanas with in various colors and fun patterns.

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